Pet Fact – Week 24

  • All polar bears are left-handed. Or left-pawed should we say!
  • Fish communicate by rasping their teeth, OR far more weirdly by using their swim bladder to create sounds!
  • Crocodiles may be pretty fearsome beasts but it’s physically impossible for them to stick out their tongues. Take that crocodiles *sticks out tongue menacingly*
  • Did you know that dalmatians are the only breed of dog to suffer from gout the poor things!
  • Before it reaches sexual maturity an Eel is called an elver. Elvers were once a staple in coastal dweller’s diets. Yummy.
  • The impala can jump 10 feet in the air when threatened. That’s 2 feet more than the men’s high jump world record!
  • One of the best animal names we think – the Jesus Christ lizard. Named for its miraculous abilities to run over water.


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