How It Works

The Intro Slider

pic-day   Cute Picture – shows the picture with the most “love” clicks


vid-day    Cute Video – shows the videos with the most “love” clicks


heart  Encourage friends to make your pet posts the most popular, ask them to click on the heart icon to “love” your pics/videos

Register Now

Register with a personal account, a business account or a charitable account.






First stage registration is very quick – enter your email address, choose a password and a profile name (pet owner rather than pet,  you can “add pet” once logged in). You will then be sent a confirmation email. Please check your spam mail if the email doesn’t appear straight away.

You can also register via facebook and twitter

Editing your profiles / Add a pet

pencil To edit your profile/s click on the pencil icon directly below the profile image box. Complete registration by adding an image, your location and details about your pets. Words marked with a red asterisk are required fields. The more  complete your profile the more followers you will attract. Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

add-pet Simply click on “Add pet” and fill in the blanks. All fields with a red star are required. You can create multiple profiles for your pets.


Navigating the Site

What you see:

The Homepage shows public posts from all of our users

Your profile page shows posts only from your followers & people/pets you follow. The same applies to the profiles of your pets.


To the right of the screen you’ll find handy tools to help:

Find friends – type in the person/pets name to show name matches and their images.




Tag Filter – See what’s “trending”, click on a tag word to view posts relating to that topic. This function enables users to see the most popular topics of the moment, as well as search for particular interests.








Post Filter – change the screen view according to which posts you would like to see – just text, just links, just images or all.

post filter

Using your profile

Putting up a post:

attachment Upload pictures, videos, comments or a link by clicking on your profile page (or your pets profile page) and clicking on the appropriate icon in the “attachments” area.


privacy You can make your post private (for registered users only) by adjusting the “Privacy level” drop box accordingly.



tag You can “tag” anything you upload so that it can be found in searches. Enter words in the “Tags” box on your profile page. For instance tag your kitten picture as “cute” or “funny”. Tagging will also play a big part in competitions launched through the website allowing you to win fab prizes so keep your eyes peeled!



follow To follow another user simply click on their profile name and then click on the “follow” icon directly beneath their image. You can also unfollow in the same way.


The Heart Icon:

heart Show your love for a post by clicking on the heart icon beneath the image. You can then choose who wants to “love” the post the owner or one of the pets. Help your friends’ pet pics feature in the “cute picture” box which shows the picture with the most “loves”.



comment  Comment on any post by clicking on the small comment box beneath the image. There is a small arrow directly above the comment box that allows you to choose who is making the comment (the owner or the pets).


Private messages

pm Send a private message to a user by clicking on the little letter icon that shows beneath the image in the users profile.


message Check your messages by clicking on the “My Messages” icon that shows on the dark grey banner next to the profile and homepage icons.


Delete and report contributions

delete Posts that are inappropriate or offensive may be reported using the small wheel in the top right hand corner of every post (hover over the image). This is also where you are able to delete your own posts.



  1. Maureen Hendry
    Posted May 19, 2013 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I am looking for a rescue puppy or young dog. Can you help me please.

  2. Amz
    Posted August 24, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    Hi I am trying to register with your website, but unable to. it comes up with a basic page, saying add name email password and upload picture etc, but there is no button to carry on from there, I have tried refreshing in case it is my computer but nothing.
    Can you tell me what I can do please

    • msp_admin
      Posted August 28, 2013 at 9:24 am | Permalink

      Hi Amy,

      The registration tab sits below the upload picture and T&Cs tick box, perhaps this tab gets cut off on your screen and you need to scroll down a little?

      Hopefully this helps?

      Best regards,
      MSP team

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