Pet Fact – Week 25

  • The kiwi bird from New Zealand lays eggs up to half its own weight. Ouch
  • The African mudpuppy, or waterdog, is in fact not a dog at all. It’s a salamander (amphibian) so named for emitting a high-pitched squeaking sound reminiscent of a dog’s bark.
  • We’re not sure where the nurse shark got it’s name but something even more fascinating about this fish – they like to to take their daily rest in large piles of up to forty sharks!
  • The feathery flightless ostrich’s muscular legs are powerful enough to kill man and lion alike.
  • Neil Armstrong wasn’t actually the first guy on the moon, it was actually the rhesus monkey who first made that big step for primate-kind
  • Imagining this made us giggle – the shaggy, nocturnal sloth bear feeds itself by sucking ants through a gap in its front teeth.
  • Despite being much feared, the tarantula is actually harmless to humans with a venom weaker than that of a bee’s sting.
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